Is GcMAF Legal?

It depends on the source of the ingredients, how it is administered, what it is promoted for, and the law in individual countries.

Classification of GcMAF
Injectable = Drug.
Refined from Blood = Drug.
Refined from Colostrum = Dietary Supplement or Drug.
Manufactured from Active Ingredients (imuno®) = Dietary Supplement or Drug.
Sold to Treat Disease = Drug.
Sold as an Oral Nutrient = Dietary Supplement.

Status of GcMAF by Country

Status of GcMAF by Country (when classified as a drug)
Japan = Legally manufactured and supplied.
Germany = Legally manufactured and supplied to Doctors.
Asia = Doctors may administer to patients.
United Kingdom = Unapproved medicine.
United States = Unapproved medicine.
+ A safety study with Advanced Solid Tumors is underway.
+ A safety study with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis is underway.
+ NOTE: FDA designation for treatment of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis Orphan Drug Designation since 17th April 2017.
Australia = Unapproved medicine.
New Zealand = Doctors may import and administer to patients.