GcMAF Legalities

GcMAF is a naturally occurring protein so it cannot be patented. Without patent protection, few are prepared to fund the clinical trials necessary to get this highly successful medicine approved for general use. Still, it proceeds, and in some countries it is treated as a nutritional supplement, and in others it is seen as an unapproved medicine that can be supplied by registered medical professionals (Doctors).

Status of GcMAF by Country

Status of GcMAF by Country
Japan = Legally manufactured and supplied.
Germany = OA-GcMAF Approved for use.
Asia = May be used.
United Kingdom = Unapproved medicine.
United States = Unapproved medicine. A safety study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health is currently proceeding.
Australia = Unapproved medicine.
New Zealand = Unapproved medicine. Doctors have ability to supply to patients.