imuno®/GcMAF Dosage Recommendations

imuno® is a lot more potent than GcMAF and may create a strong local immune reaction around the subcutaneous injection site similar to the reaction seen with mistletoe injections. That is, swelling, redness, heat, tenderness. This is a good sign. If you experience this reaction, then wait 3 to 7 days (for the reaction to subside) before injecting more. Also choose another site for the next injection. NOTE: Recommended needle syringe is a BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe 0.3ml 29G x 12.7mm.


Start on 0.05ml of imuno® once every 3 days and titrate up as tolerated.
Note: Excellent results have been reported with as little as 0.2ml once a week.

Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Start on 0.05ml of imuno® once a week and titrate up. Decrease dose if tiredness increases.


Start on 0.02ml of imuno® once a week, injected into the deltoid, and titrate up. Decrease dosage if hyperactivity or negative behaviours increase.

imuno® - Administration Methods

We recommend throwing away the oral adapter and oral syringe that comes with imuno® and instead always extract imuno® from the vial using an insulin needle syringe. This leaves the contents of the vial sterile and so it will keep for longer. NOTE: Recommended needle syringe is a BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe 0.3ml 29G x 12.7mm.


Roughly 50% less effective than other methods (needs twice as much for a similar effect).



Ideal for lung and brain cancer and people who dislike needles.

Nasal Spray

Delivers imuno via the nasal mucosa and, more precisely, via the olfactory cranial nerve. Recommended route for neuroborreliosis and/or neurologic conditions.

Nasal spray bottles often deliver 0.1 ml per metered spray. Smaller doses can be obtained by diluting contents with 0.9% sterile saline solution. (i.e. Load bottle with 1 ml of imuno® and 1 ml of saline solution and then the 0.1 ml of metered spray will contain 0.05 ml of imuno®.)